Mindfully Crafted in Singapore

Handmade Soaps with Natural Ingredients

Made with skin-loving oils, pure essential oils and plant-based additives, each bar of soaps leaves your skin feeling nourished after use. Give you and your love ones a good skin treat with a bar of our soap!


  • Skin-friendly ingredients

    Our soaps are made through the cold-process method, giving us full control of the recipes. We keep our ingredient list simple and ditched unnecessary additives that are harmful to our skin.

  • Eco-friendly alternative

    Bid the plastic bottles of your bath products goodbye by switching to bar soaps. At tinysoap, we keep our packaging minimal with sustainable materials to advocate for awareness in eco-consciousness. 

  • Support local business

    Our soaps are handcrafted locally in small batches. From boosting local economy to reducing carbon footprint, there are so many benefits to supporting local businesses.

Why are handmade soaps better?

aloe vera soap

Just like how we are always mindful of what goes into our body, we need to be equally aware of what is in contact with our body. Staying in the hot and sunny Singapore, daily shower is a necessary. Hence, our cleanser is in very frequent contact with our skin.

Unfortunately, most of the commercial shower gel are cleansing agents made with synthetic chemicals. To make them commercially feasible, they often also includes preservatives or chemical additives that makes them good as a commercial product, but not skin-friendly. Prolonged exposure to compounds such as parabens and SLS in commercial soaps could lead to dry skin and irritation, or even cancer-causing in long term.

Handmade soaps on the other hand, are made with simple ingredients with plant-based oil as the base oil, as well as natural plant powder or essential oil as additives. There is no need to include any harmful chemical in the process to create a bar of soap that effectively cleanse our skin.  In addition, handmade soaps often contain glycerin, a humectant that moisturise our skin. Therefore, you can expect your skin to feel soft and nourished after a shower with handmade soaps, all these goodness WITHOUT harmful chemicals. How great that is!

Safe soaps, happy skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Let's take good care of it by avoiding these harmful chemicals commonly found in commercial bath products!

This is our promise:


Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a common ingredient in cleansing product that can cause skin irritant


Made primarily with artificial compound, synthetic fragrances could aggravate hormonal issue and causes allergies


No animals testing or animal-based oils


Artisan soaps handmade with love


Some commercial soaps are petroleum based surfactant, which can be cancer causing in the long run


A common preservative - we only make in small batches to avoid the need for long shelf-life


Minimal and sustainable packaging


One tiny steps a time with our community effort

Reviews from our customers

We read them all to improve our products


Kathleen did a good job in customising my excess breast milk to soaps. The product is amazing

Xi Yue

My skin is always itchy because I have sensitive skin and sweat a lot in work. The aloe vera soap helps to make my skin feels less itchy.

Pei pei

The Christmas soaps is very adorable as a gift. It also makes my skin feels very soft after shower

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